Day Four. Exploring the options.

A tad frustrated today. Its difficult to use the right tool for the job when most  of them are still packed. I did manage to reassemble the two outdoor tables for the pergola. I also cleaned out and levelled the right hand side of the shed, which will soon become the tool shed/work space. I cant wait to get all the shelving in and the tools put away, then the huge list of projects will progress faster. 

I saw my first striated pardelote today, and also my first green rosella in the wild. Photos will follow when I’m quick enough to capture a decent photo of them. 

Wandered to the top of the first rise (behind the driveway) this arvo, and discovered what may be an old stone/concrete water tank. Not sure of the exact dimensions. Huge diameter but only seems to be about four feet deep. It warrants further investigation once the snakes are sleeping.

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