Birds & Gadgets

Here at Silver Birch Homestead, we are slowly getting around to buying new things that we need. We left a lot behind in Victoria, so there have of course been items to replace. There is also a growing list of items we simply didn’t need on a suburban block, many of which we are slowly accumulating. For example, a chainsaw, a chipper/mulcher, a spotlight (not just for getting around the block, but there is huge potential for night photography here), and walkie talkies (have you tried finding someone on ten acres?). Sophie has been busily cooking up tomatoes for sauces, and we have also planted about three hundred bulbs (Belladonnas and Daffodils).

I am beginning to get photos of various birds around the place finally. They aren’t fantastic images yet, but it’s a start.


Updates and Internets

Birds are finally in their new home, after weeks on a trailer or in a bathroom. The workshop is slowly beginni g to take shape, as is the study and the loungeroom. The gully behind the workshop is going to be a picnic area/ quiet place to relax.

The entrance way and study still have many more books yet to be unpacked, and we have started planting Canna lillies along the driveway.

We finally have wifi again, and subsequently have catchup tv, and almost have ‘normal’ tv. We had to order a specific set top box as we are outside of the coverage area.

Just a week.

In just over a week, we have made huge progress in the main house. Let me know what you think of the place so far.

The laundry and entrance way are finished. The study is three quarters done. We now have distinct lounge room and dining room spaces. 


The floating floor has started. The entranceway is coming along nicely. Tomorrow all the bookshelves will be built and placed in the freshly painted study, and the workshop should be well on the way by the end of the weekend as well.